Malcolm Bradbury Archive: where to find the papers relating to a lifetime of work by the writer, academic and literary critic

by | Jun 6, 2023 | General News

Split across two archives, in two cities, on two continents, papers and works relating to Malcolm’s academic and literary career are catalogued and accessible to the public.

The University of East Anglia Archives and Special Collections is home to Malcolm’s education archive, containing papers collected by Bradbury during his Professorship, including administrative papers and those related to coursework and examinations. The UEA also holds a deposit of original work and writing, including film, radio and television scripts, essays, press cuttings and interviews. Two more recent deposits include papers collected from the Norwich home of the late author in 2005 and a deposit made by Malcolm’s son, Dominic, from the family archive.

For more information, please visit UEA Archives & Special Collections

The Indiana University Lilly Library is home to a second holding of Malcolm’s works, with over 10,000 items dated between 1949 and 1993. The papers contain correspondence with many of Bradbury’s contemporaries in fiction and academics, and agents and publishers. The archive also holds many drafts of Bradbury’s fictional and critical works, along with research, background material, and items related to his teaching and involvement with various organisations/committees.

For more information, please visit Indiana University Archives Online


Here at the Malcolm Bradbury Trust, we will be featuring snippets of Malcolm’s works – poems, short stories, articles, excerpts – so everyone can continue to enjoy the wisdom, wit and humour Malcolm injected into his work. Please keep an eye on our Library page for more information!