In memory of the late author, screenwriter and academic, the Malcolm Bradbury Trust, is a registered charity seeking to advance and promote the literary arts through educational initiatives.




Malcolm Bradbury


The Trust

The trust is currently led by a board of trustees comprising of seven professional members. Our trustees have experience and knowledge in fields spanning from education, literature, publishing, film & television, law and social enterprise. We are also pleased to welcome one of Malcolm’s early students, now a critically acclaimed writer, to our team.

The trust and family have a long-standing relationship with the University of East Anglia. It was here that, in the 1970s, Malcolm Bradbury and follow author friend Angus Wilson, founded the world-renowned School of Creative Writing and Literature at the University. The school has been characterised by success, with numerous acclaimed authors and academics having passed through its doors – from Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro, to John Boyne and Louise Doughty (now an MBT Trustee).


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As a charity, we rely on support and donations to achieve our mission – to make the arts more accessible for all by provision or support of educational courses, programmes, activities and opportunities, meanwhile continuing to promote and preserve the literary works and contributions of Malcolm Bradbury. There are many ways you can support us. Click below to find out more.