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Read testimonials from our beneficiaries to see how the Malcolm Bradbury Trust has supported and impacted the journeys of numerous young writers and creatives.

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[The scholarship] helped enormously. Being thousands of miles away [from home in Australia] and starting up another life for 12-months and setting up home [in Norwich] had its personal and financial challenges and the scholarship helped to fund that process, so I was very grateful. It also allowed me to travel to The Hague and stay there for two weeks and do the research I’d been craving. I spent time in the archive office in The Hague and in the library looking at books and films that covered that era and just tried to immerse myself in that city.

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Silvia Kwon

Recipient of the Malcolm Bradbury Memorial Scholarship (Prose) 2017/18, University of East Anglia

Winning this award and having this opportunity has felt like the difference between night and day. Using the bursary, I was able to buy a laptop and software that are being used in the film industry right now. I can edit and write in my spare time, and I feel like I’m making steps forward rather than walking in circles. This also means I have been able to create a portfolio…

This bursary and award have allowed me to apply for my dream course – MA Screenwriting for Television and Film… [The] award has given me that boost and help I needed to impress in the interview, and be offered an unconditional place on the course. Alongside this, the award was a great point of interest while interviewing for my current job, which has improved my confidence by leaps and bounds.

Overall, I am just so incredibly thankful to have received this award. It’s given me such a big boost in my self esteem, which is wonderful in itself, but also has given me an amazing jumping off point for me to launch into the next part of my writing career. It’s hard to describe how brilliant it feels to be rid of the worry of what to do next in life; instead to know and have the resources on hand to prepare for these next stages.


Recipient of the Malcolm Bradbury Trust Creative Writing Bursary (2020-1), University of Sunderland