The Grant Making Policy


1. The Malcolm Bradbury Trust (MBT) is a registered charity (England and Wales Charity Number 1188896). The Objects of the Trust (“ the Charity”) are:

1. To promote the public knowledge and appreciation of the works of Malcolm Bradbury by such means as are charitable; and
2. the advancement and promotion of the arts for the benefit of the public, particularly but not exclusively by the provision or support of educational courses, programmes, activities and opportunities to encourage more people to take part in the arts, particularly those who are disadvantaged socially, economically or through physical or mental health problems.

2. Priorities for support
The number of projects which can be supported by the Charity is, of necessity, limited to the amount of funds available for distribution in any year.

3. Principles
In awarding grants, the Trustees will apply the following principles:
3.1 Applications from any geographical area are eligible for consideration; however the focus will be on providing support within the UK.
3.2 Applications can be made by individuals or organisations, including charities and educational institutions;
3.3 All applications from previous recipients of grants or from previously unsuccessful applicants will be considered by the Trustees on their own merits. Although the Trustees will have regard to the outcome of the previous application, any new application will in no way receive preferential or adverse consideration. 3.5 The Charity will not save in exceptional circumstances make individual awards for sums in excess of £10,000.
3.4 The Charity will willingly work in partnership with other organisations to fund initiatives beyond the financial scope of a single organisation

4. Exclusions
The Trustees will not normally approve the use of the Charity’s funds for purposes for which the government has a statutory responsibility to provide.

5. Grant application process
All applications for grants should be completed in conjunction with this policy. They must be made by using the on-line application form on the Charity’s website.

6. Information requirements before awarding a grant
Before awarding a grant to any individual or organisation, the Trustees require that the application should:
6.1 Inform the Trustees of the purpose of the application and the way in which the grant will be used;
6.2 Inform the Trustees of the names and full contact details of two referees who are prepared to support the application;
6.3 Provide adequate information regarding the identity and financial status of the applicant;
6.4 Provide adequate information regarding the applicant’s artistic development, achievements and practice;
6.6 Be signed or verified by the applicant (in the case of applicants by persons under the age of eighteen years by his or her parent or guardian and in the case of an organisation, a responsible officer) to confirm that all information provided is correct.

7. Assessment process
7.1 All grant applications will be subject to initial assessment to ensure they meet the basic criteria for funding. Applicants must be prepared to provide such other information as the Trustees may reasonably require in order to assist them in their decision-making process. Grants will be considered by the Trustees at their meetings, and the Trustees will aim to write to all applicants informing them of the outcome of their application for funding within four weeks of considering a full application (including all necessary references).
7.2 Applicants should note that, as with many other charitable trusts, the Malcolm Bradbury Trust receives far more applications than it has funds to support. Even if an application fits within the criteria and priorities of the Charity and a detailed assessment has been made, the Charity may still be unable to provide a grant.
7.3 The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should his/her application be unsuccessful.

Malcolm Bradbury

8. Monitoring and Publication
8.1 It is the policy of the Trustees to monitor all grants made. To this end, before a grant can be confirmed, conditions may be stipulated appropriate to the application and progress may be assessed against agreed targets and/or milestones. If the grant is payable in instalments, then payment of subsequent grant instalments may be dependent on satisfactory progress having been demonstrated and the Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the grant on receipt of unsatisfactory progress reports. Failure to submit reports at the time specified by the Trustees may also jeopardise the continuation of the Charity’s support. The grant recipient should inform the Charity of any extenuating circumstances whereby the submission of any report is delayed, to allow a mutually acceptable date for submission to be agreed.
8.2 Monitoring visits by representatives of the Charity may be made during the period of a grant.
8.3 The Trustees also expect to receive copies of any written work (prose, scripts etc.) published articles, papers, photographs of artwork or other outputs which may result from the grant.
8.4 Any publications, articles and/or artistic works must acknowledge the funding provided by using the Malcolm Bradbury Trust logo, the exact use to be agreed.

All applications for funding will need to be made on our application form, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or require assistance in completing the form.